"To begin with I was a bit nervous of starting the therapy, but Anita put me at ease right from the start. I found her easy to talk to and although I was not aware of it, she was watching for signs of anxiety etc. Little things like 'your hair is different today'; I was feeling better that day and she picked up on it. The relaxation exercises she gave me helped immensely and she talked me through my fears and anxieties. Little baby steps all the way and now I feel so much better. She never made me feel silly when I spoke of my fears."

"My experience has been very good. I have been guided and helped through the process and this has helped me to work through my problems. Considering my therapy has taken place during lockdown, I am surprised how relaxed and effective it has been. I feel it worked very well. Being at home meant no travelling to or after sessions. Therefore I was able to relax before and after each session. Overall I am pleased and surprised how effective the therapy has been; the end result was exactly what I was hoping for."

"I would like to thank Anita for helping me through my anxiety and depression and giving me the tools to help me manage in the future. Talking about my accident and visualizing my positive memories and spending more time for myself, i.e. going for walks and a finding a hobby to keep my mind active. Using EMDR has helped me cope a lot better and I feel I have a better future."

"My sessions with Anita have been invaluable. She is caring, understanding and totally non-judgemental. There is a huge difference in how I react to situations now I have finished therapy. My family have mentioned the significant change in my ability to manage previously challenging situations. Anita has been genuinely caring, but has challenged my thinking as necessary. I would absolutely recommend her. Thank you so much."

"Thanks Anita for helping me to find answers to my problems by carefully listening and gently challenging me to think in a different way and giving me tools to use and fall back on."

North Cornwall CBT is a lovely place which gives you a feeling of peace and tranquillity...you are treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality. Anita is very warm, easy to talk to and always willing to listen to any concerns and questions you may have. The sessions have been very beneficial to help me understand and establish a way to change my way of thinking which has changed my behaviour for the better. As a result, my everyday lifestyle has more positive outcomes, my worries and stress are dealt with before they become a bigger problem. By continuing to practise and enforcing these methods, the changes mean I am getting the best out of my everyday life which is not only beneficial to me, but to those around me too. I would recommend North Cornwall CBT to anyone suffering from anxiety, stress or depression....."

"When I first went to North Cornwall CBT, I was anxious, depressed, angry and feeling unworthy and having nightmares. Through having therapy, I have found myself stronger, getting fitter, in the right mind-set which has helped with the nightmares. All thanks to North Cornwall CBT".

"Very friendly and safe. It is a place where there is no judgement on how you feel. Things that might be really silly or stupid to yourself, are actually normal to feel and you get help to understand these feelings. Also you get given so many tools to help with every emotion. It's okay to not be okay, there are people here to help....so helpful, thank you for making me feel me again."

"Anita, I would like to thank you for all of your help. I am without doubt in a better place now and able to deal with any feelings in a more positive manner. I am sure, on rare occasions in the future, I will be using all my coping mechanisms".

"At first I felt uncomfortable talking about myself and my feelings, but after 2-3 sessions, I got to know Anita better and felt that she understood me and what was going on with me....I felt more comfortable. I started to look forward to our sessions and sharing my thoughts and happenings. I particularly enjoyed talking about my late husband and good memories of our time together."

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