"Anita is a kind and understanding person, not once did I feel judged or like what felt were such small inconveniences to me were as silly as I thought. I always felt validated & supported during my sessions with Anita. Anita guided the sessions well while also giving me the chance to voice anything else I may want too. Not only has she challenged my negative thoughts but also negative behaviours helping me progress further than I could have imagined in the time we spent together. Moving forwards during negative experiences I stop and think “what would Anita say?” Which during these times has helped me ground myself & see a sensible solution. I cannot thank Anita enough for her help and guidance and would always choose to go back to Anita for further help in the future given the chance. "

“I just wanted to say a massive “thank you” to you and your magic “EMDR wand” for all your help and professional support on my road to recovery from PTSD. My unprocessed trauma left me reliving every day as if was still happening and constantly on survival mode and being hypervigilant. I now feel freed from the trappings of the past and I can look forward to new exciting beginnings! “

"I am so utterly grateful for the help Anita has given me in dealing with my social anxiety. She has made me look at scenarios in a completely different way and shown me a way of coping with day to day occurrences which previously caused me anxiety.
Anita provided me with resources to continue my therapy in my own time as well as during our sessions. She has a very empathetic and calming nature and completely put me at ease sharing issues which are very difficult to discuss.
I would recommend Anita to anybody struggling with anxiety issues."

"I’ve found it useful, particularly in respect of looking at a different angle to a problem or issue and / or seeing another way around it. Or if that isn’t possible to look at the positive aspects of that problem.

It has provided me with ideas and skills on how to approach difficult situations and to make myself happier and my life easier when these problems occur."

"Anita was very welcoming and calm and I immediately felt relaxed and at ease with her from the very first session. She was very empathetic and caring, which is exactly what you need in a therapist. I felt she was very good at what she does and I can't even begin to describe how helpful it has been for me to have therapy with her.

Before therapy I saw every man as a potential threat due to an experience I had thirteen years ago. After processing the event I am no longer disturbed by the memory of the event, feel stronger, and no longer feel scared around most men and am able to see that most men are not a threat to my safety. I feel like part of the old version of me has returned. I haven't felt like this since before the event. I believe Anita is excellent at her job. Thank you so much."

"Are they qualified? Will I be able to open up to them? These are all the questions that were running through my head before I met Anita.

I have suffered with anxiety, I believe now, since I was a child. I have sought help from various therapists over the years. The biggest problem I found with private therapy was the talking. It sounds silly as you would expect to talk in therapy, but what is the point? I found myself talking endlessly with no point and no positive end result.

When I started working with Anita I immediately saw the difference in the way she worked. Anita doesn't just listen, she challenges you to listen - back to yourself, to what you are saying and more importantly why.

The EDMR that she does is so powerful. An amazing technique which has to be felt to be believed. Anita took traumatic memories from me and worked with me until the thought of them made me laugh! Out loud, laughing! It was incredible.

During each session Anita will check in with you on how you are progressing and how many sessions you have had. I found this really helpful as she is making you aware how long you have been working together and with the sense you are working towards an end goal.

Anita sets homework tasks for you most weeks and to benefit most from therapy you should complete them. The tasks are simple however the results are amazing. The homework is based on what you have been discussing during the session and then you go and work on them during the week. I found this the most useful and important part of therapy as it helped to change my thought process.

The CBT therapy that I have received from Anita has changed the way I think in the most positive way. I didn't think this level of change was possible, not for me, but it really works! I managed to reach every one of my therapy goals and I look back at them now and can not even imagine writing them!

The work undertaken with Anita has changed my life and will remain with me forever. I am so grateful to Anita and can not recommend her enough. "

"At the end of my therapy I can truly say that by going through the sessions, I have been helped to look at situations more positively and not be as afraid of situations as I previously was. I have learnt new ways to deal with anxiety and I know that this will help me through life and the things it throws at us."

"Anita was very easy to talk to and always phoned for the appointment when she said she would and was very good at listening. I was happy with the remote telephone therapy as it was good that I did not have to travel as it takes such a long time to travel where I live. It suited me to do it in my home."

"To begin with I was a bit nervous of starting the therapy, but Anita put me at ease right from the start. I found her easy to talk to and although I was not aware of it, she was watching for signs of anxiety etc. Little things like 'your hair is different today'; I was feeling better that day and she picked up on it. The relaxation exercises she gave me helped immensely and she talked me through my fears and anxieties. Little baby steps all the way and now I feel so much better. She never made me feel silly when I spoke of my fears."

"My experience has been very good. I have been guided and helped through the process and this has helped me to work through my problems. Considering my therapy has taken place during lockdown, I am surprised how relaxed and effective it has been. I feel it worked very well. Being at home meant no travelling to or after sessions. Therefore I was able to relax before and after each session. Overall I am pleased and surprised how effective the therapy has been; the end result was exactly what I was hoping for."

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