"Excellent. I feel like a new person. Anita has done a great job. I can now move forward with my life as I should have done many years ago".

"I have recently received therapy through North Cornwall CBT. It has been extremely worth while and has allowed me to share experiences/challenges in my life and talk these through at length. During my sessions, I have learnt valued methods to cope with situations that arise and how to put closure to them.
Being able to talk freely with someone who is impartial and allowing you to feel unjudged helped the process dramatically. Although I was extremely guarded at first and I guess embarrassed this soon faded away as I was made to feel relaxed and reassured that this was just temporary and needed help and support to work through this difficult time in my life.
I would highly recommend therapy to anyone who is feeling anxious, depressed or vulnerable. I am now able to return to my life and gain control and use my experience in a positive way to help and signpost others."

"Thank you for the work we have done together over the last few months. Thanks also for being flexible about the sessions times. My anxiety is under control; I feel I have the tools to move forward. I am so pleased with how well CBT has worked for me".

"I found the sessions really helpful in understanding previous ways of negative thinking and learning new strategies for changing thought processes. I was surprised how much my worry/anxiety/stress levels had reduced over the period of the 10 sessions as a direct result of Anita’s help. I can continue to build upon the techniques learnt now outside of therapy and hope to further reduce anxiety and worry.
The sessions were held in a relaxed and supportive environment.
Many thanks".

"Anita made me feel safe and able to talk about my fears and anxiety. She was very good at explaining the positives in a difficult situation. Her techniques, especially (unsent) letter writing, helped me enormously. By the end of the sessions I had found my old happy self again and am now able to think positively again and have my life back. Thanks Anita".

"Thank you for listening with compassion and without judgement. I said what I was too scared to say to anyone else and you helped me process that".

"I found my therapy to help me in a way I could not imagine; the ways you have got me to talk about the accident and how I see it now. You have made me discover alternative ways in how I see things and I don't think I could have done this without your help"

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